If Office for iPad Launches, A Guide For The Sane

All the tech pundits agree that Microsoft will announce a version of Office for the iPad today in San Francisco.  The talking heads that make up the tech “press” have already started to lay the ground work for why this will fail even before they see the product.  So while you read the live blogs written on Mac’s by people who use Google Apps here are things to keep in mind.

  • Microsoft Windows is on more than 90% of PC’s with an even higher number in office settings.
  • Microsoft Office has over a 95% share of office applications in the workplace.
  • iOS makes up over 70% of activated mobile devices in the enterprise

Considering these numbers, it is hard to argue against Microsoft making an office suite available for the iPad.  Just by sheer force of these numbers this app will do very well, and will become part of the workflow of those people who use Windows and Office to work.  So when you read later today that everyone uses Google Apps or Pages, remember the little bubble those people write from is a pimple on the ass that is the world.

The big question that remains is how will Microsoft monetize this. Will they force you to be an Office 365 subscriber to download the app like it is on the iPhone and Android phones or will they sell this is as a stand alone app as well?

You can watch the announcement live at 10:00 AM Pacific/1:00PM Eastern over at the Microsoft News Center. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/press/2014/mar14/03-27webcast.aspx